Wargo French Singer

Distinction with a Difference

Technology and Intellectual Property Transactions

Wargo French Singer represents established and emerging clients in connection with complex and strategic technology transactions.  Our attorneys routinely assist clients in the development, acquisition, licensing and commercialization of technology, intellectual property and data and advise clients on issues relating to ownership and use of intellectual property that arise in connection with the operation of their businesses. 

We have broad-based experience successfully handling a wide variety of technology transactions and strategic initiatives, which include:

    • Advising clients on commercial transactions for intellectual property rights and technology development, acquisition and licensing, including, without limitation, software licensing, software as a service offerings, hosted solutions, cloud technology, edge computing, Internet of Things (IoT), turn-key solutions, managed services, integration and implementation services, data storage services, support services, benchmarks, and service levels (including uptime guarantees, service credits, disaster recovery plans, and responsiveness metrics) with vendors and third-party providers, including hosting providers.
    • Preparing, reviewing and negotiating contracts for the acquisition of software licensing and intellectual property rights for augmented reality and artificial intelligence predictive technology, including negotiation of ownership rights related to resulting content and data created through such technology.
    • Preparing, reviewing and negotiating customer-facing contracts and terms and conditions for technology product sales and licensing and co-branded and white-labeled products and services.
    • Advising clients on a variety of intellectual property issues, including means of protecting intellectual property assets (including through trademark and copyright applications, non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, and proprietary information agreements), acquiring and selling intellectual property assets, and licensing of intellectual property assets. Wargo French Singer clients include both licensors and licensees of content, software, and other technology-related intellectual property.
    • Preparing, reviewing and negotiating contracts for the distribution and monetization of content on websites and mobile applications, including contracts for digital sales platforms, serving and placement of targeted interactive media advertisements on digital properties, sale of digital advertising inventory, and delivery of location-based advertising using cloud-based technology.
    • Preparing, reviewing and negotiating contracts (including insertion orders and amendments to IAB advertising terms) with demand- and supply-side platforms, data management platforms, ad servers, data analytics providers and publishers, including, without limitation, contracts for data licensing, programmatic buying, data optimization, targeting, ad content and development.
    • Representing clients in strategic initiatives relating to investment in innovative and industry disruptive technology in the health care, pharmaceutical, media and telecommunications industries, including purchase of stock in developing technology companies, collaboration arrangements for new revenue streams and expansion into new markets and industries.
    • Advising clients on strategic initiatives (enterprise-wide and across industries), collaborations and joint ventures, including, without limitation, advising clients on new product development and expansion into new markets and industries.
    • Representing clients in providing strategic advice on new growth opportunities, including intellectual property strategies, intra-company licensing, real estate acquisition and leasing, and acquisition of competitive businesses.
    • Representing clients in strategic initiatives regarding mobility networks, including cloud computing, edge computing and IoT, by advising on issues relating to network connectivity, monitoring and tracking of vehicles and inventory, data protection and privacy, and transmission of data and automotive metrics between devices and platforms, including real-time data analytics.