Wargo French Singer

Distinction with a Difference

Commercial Transactions and Business Services

Wargo French Singer is value-add focused and offers innovative solutions to our clients’ business issues across industries.  We regularly negotiate a broad range of contracts on behalf of OEMs, developers, manufacturers, resellers and logistic enterprises across the United States and in international markets and work directly with supply chain management and sourcing teams to accomplish cost-savings and company initiatives.  We provide “soup to nuts” support to our clients – from assisting with implementing supplier and purchasing relationships to providing counsel on branding and white-labeling customer-facing solutions for market distribution.  We have extensive experience successfully handling a wide variety of commercial transactions and customer contracts, which include:

    • Preparing, reviewing and negotiating contracts for sourcing and procuring products, services, equipment and materials, including, without limitation, contracts related to manufacturing agreements, supply and distribution, and VAR and OEM arrangements. 
    • Preparing, reviewing and negotiating customer-facing contracts for product sales and services, including co-branded and white-labeled products and services.
    • Preparing, reviewing and negotiating consulting and services contracts, including, without limitation, contracts related to professional services, support services, staffing services, on-site services by independent contractors, integration and implementation services, turn-key solutions, and managed services.
    • Advising clients regarding marketing, sponsorship, promotion, advertising and agency and referral arrangements, including, without limitation, contracts for co-promotion, branding, and ad sales.